"…Elizabeth Caballero and Sandra Piques Eddy as Carmen’s friends, Frasquita and Mercedes, assist Garanca in making the Chanson boheme, at the start of Act Two, into a show-stopping production number."
02 February 2012

"Supporting actors, smugglers Elizabeth Caballero, Sandra Piques Eddy, Earle Patriarco and Keith Jameson do not fade into stock figures, but are individuals with beautiful voices and particular personalities which add color and energy to the action."

The Paris SF
01 February 2012

LA TRAGEDIE DE CARMEN - Chicago Opera Theater

"Sandra Piques Eddy sang an excellent Carmen, her lyric mezzo assuming a smokily erotic timbral overlay in the lower register that was quite telling, and she shaded the repeated 'L'amour; of the habanera intelligently."

Opera News
30 January 2012

"As Carmen, Sandra Piques Eddy was the best of the singers, with a deep, earthy sound."

Wall Street Journal
29 January 2012

"The shining exception was mezzo Sandra Piques Eddy, a wonderful singing actress whose Carmen used her burgundy-rich low register as a powerful tool of seduction."

The Chicago Tribune
29 January 2012

"There have been many great Carmens through the years-Marilyn Horne, Agnes Baltsa, Tatiana Troyanos, to name a few. The performances of Sandra Piques Eddy in this production deserves to be placed alongside those legends. Ms. Eddy gave a star-making performance with her rich, velvety mezzo and superb acting. She did not perform Carmen, she became Carmen, and it seemed that the entire audience was excited about her peformance after the opera."

Opera Online
29 January 2012

"It is all too rare that performers in operas actually fit their descriptions. How many Mimi's from La Boheme have actually been thin and consumptive? How likely is it to find an authentically Japanese Madame Butterfly? Chicago Opera Theater's production of La Tragedie de Carmen adapted by Peter Brook and Marius Constant from Bizet's legendary opera has an exceptionally sexy Carmen in Sandra Piques Eddy. With a dark and enticing voice and fearless physicality, she makes you believe that a man would destroy his life for her."

On Chicago Theater
29 January 2012

"Sandra Piques Eddy is a sexy, smoky-voiced Carmen, fully believable as the gypsy temptress, delivering an alluring Habanera and singing with ample tone."

Chicago Classical Review
28 January 2012

"Sandra Piques Eddy makes a seductive Carmen and gives her vocal highlights reel a dark and rich tone."

New City Stage
26 January 2012

"More important, Chicago Opera Theater's production, directed by Andrew Eggert and conducted by Alexander Platt, offered three glorious voices: Sandra Piques Eddy as the malevolent Carmen...."

Chicago Reader
26 January 2012

SEMELE - Florentine Opera

“Sandra Piques Eddy, strikingly beautiful in Ino’s formal gown and hilarious as Juno, was arguably the most distinguished of all. Her dark-laced mezzo is graced with an erotically purring vibrato and formidable technique; “Above measure is the pleasure my revenge supplies," taken at a very rapid clip, was dazzling."

Opera News
25 January 2012

"Both Aylmer and mezzo Sandra Piques Eddy, in the dual roles of Ino and the jealous goddess Juno, were spectacular. Piques Eddy has a rich, dark, and weighty voice that makes her vocal agility all the more astonishing. She showed a special gift for working comedy into her singing, with little tricks of emphasis and timing that drive home punch lines. She also is a sly physical comedienne; she never overdid anything but got all the biggest laughs of the night."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
24 January 2012

"Mezzo Soprano Sandra Piques Eddy, in the double role of Juno and Ino, is an example of the terrific, vivid American Handel singer on the scene today, fluent in the style."

Express Milwaukee
24 January 2012

"Her ladies were sung superbly by mezzos on the verge of major careers: Laura Vlasek Nolan, forthrightly dramatic, and Sandra Piques Eddy, luscious and dark-hued."

Opera Today
23 January 2012


"Cleopatra's ladies Charmian and Iris were strongly cast; Laura Vlasak Nolen and Sandra Piques Eddy both projected glamour, frivolity and pathos."

Opera News
23 January 2012

"The superb mezzo sopranos Sandra Piques Eddy and Laura Vlasak Nolen were underused but mightily welcome as Charmian and Iras"

Gay City News
22 January 2012

"Sandra Piques Eddy and Laura Vlasak Nolen were tart and lively as Cleopatra's serving women Charmian and Iras."

Wall Street Journal
22 January 2012

"Mezzo-sopranos Sandra Piques Eddy and Laura Vlasak Nolen, as Cleopatra's faithful attendants Charmian and Iras, enlivened their playful scenes and sympathically seconded their mistress in her grief in the serious ones."

Q On Stage
22 January 2012

"Also worth noting were sweet-voiced performances by mezzo Sandra Piques Eddy (Charmian) and soprano Laura Vlasak Nolan (Iras), Cleopatra's attendants."

Associated Press
21 January 2012

"Mezzos Laura Vlasak Nolen and Sandra Piques Eddy handled their small roles as Cleopatra's handmaidens with real flair. Both sounded plummy and sexy, and both looked stunning onstage."

20 January 2012