"The stars in this production are undoubtedly Sandra Piques Eddy as Isabella and Paolo Pecchioli as Bey Mustafa; both are gifted singers and comic stage actors, and under stage director Herbert Kellner, they rarely missed an opportunity to elicit a laugh. Eddy delighted Austin audiences several years ago in Rossini's La Cenerentola, and she has returned in even richer voice. She is now vastly experienced- having made numerous appearances at the Met- and is very much at ease with the demands of bel canto."

La Scena Musicale

"Leads Sandra Piques Eddy as the Italian 'Isabella' and Javier Abreu as her enslaved fiance 'Lindoro' receive the best arias and duets in the score and treat them with respect. And although the music is fluff by opera standards, the pair performs their songs with all the styling and expression of a Verdi masterpiece."

Austin on Stage

" But Isabella (Sandra Piques Eddy) is more horsepower than Mustafa expected, and she plots an escape with her fiance Lindoro. The leads are brilliant...Eddy embodies Isabella perfectly, as a cross between Amelia Earhart and Sophia Loren. The voices of both (Pecchioli and Eddy) were resonant and fluid transmitting a bouquet of emotions from comedy to despair."

The Austin American-Statesman

"Instead, mezzo soprano Sandra Piques Eddy has the audience mesmerised singing the title role in Opera North's production of Bizet's Carmen at Nottingham Theatre Royal on Tuesday, May 24. Eddy's Carmen has temptation written all over her. From the untamed mane of curls to the undies-revealing frocks, the girl has attitude. She sings the role with passion, and is a fine actress too."

The Newark Advertiser

"Played deftly by Sandra Piques Eddy the title role is a brash, sexy, factory worker whose past experiences in the town have hardened her. Piques Eddy's Carmen is terrifically pitched with Peter Auty's Jose..."

What's on Stage

"A production to stir the soul and set the pulse racing and Sandra Piques Eddy gives a performance to remember."

This is Lancaster

"Opera North's production at the Grand Theater had it all. Sandra Piques Eddy as Carmen was beautiful and her rich velvety mezzo soprano exuded passion."

North Leeds Life

"This production could have been overwhelmed by these inventive and evocative sets were it not for superb performances of the singers. As Hansel, Sandra Piques Eddy had the awkward stance, mannerisms and enthusiasms of a young boy down pat. Maureen McKay was also totally convincing and together they had a great time sticking out their tongues at each other, running around arms akimbo and strutting up a kooky, over-the-top improvisational dance after outsmarting the Witch. In the vocal department, both singers topped the charts with gorgeous, resonant voices that still conveyed just the right amount of naivete for their characters. Their angel's prayer duet was heavenly and came across as a personal statement that went to the heart."

Oregon Music News
HANSEL in HANSEL and GRETEL at Portland Opera

"Most crucial, the cast was dynamite. One knew in advance that the show had two lovely leads in Sandra Piques Eddy and Maureen McKay and one listened and watched in awe as they sang, danced and played the siblings with style, color and panache. As a Hansel even younger than he's usually played (he seemed about six or seven), Eddy had the boy thing down and was most convincing. She poured out Hansel's music in a beautiful, lush mezzo-soprano, richer than this role really needs."

Opera News

"The singers playing Hansel and Gretel (Sandra Piques Eddy and Maureen McKay) were convincing in their portrayals of children- not overly over-the-top, but childlike enough to be authentic."

Oregon Music News

"Sandra Piques Eddy and Maureen McKay (Hansel and Gretel respectively) are both excellent, convincingly playing energetic and careless children while maintaining the operatic power necessary to hit the back rows of the vast Keller Auditorium."

Portland Mercury

"McKay and Eddy were fresh and sweet-voiced throughout."

The Oregonian
CARMEN in CARMEN at Lyric Opera of Kansas City

"Mezzo Soprano Sandra Piques Eddy made her Lyric Opera debut as Carmen. She recently sang the role of Carmen in La tragedie de Carmen (an opera of all Carmen's Solo arias sans ensemble pieces) at the Chicago Opera Theater. Eddy's compelling presence and impeccable performance convinced the audience that she was born to seduce Don Jose with her earthy, beguiling vocals."

Present Magazine

"Standing head and shoulders above all was the brilliant Carmen of Sandra Piques Eddy, as fine as acted and sung Carmen as one could ask. Her voice was alternately sweet or sultry, seductive or venomous as required. Piques Eddy vividly portrayed all of Carmen's incarnations, from a simple cigarette girl, to a gipsy on to the arrogant trophy girl of a toreador and finally a victim of her own seductive powers. Her voice was dark and steamy as a Seville night but clear with impressive French diction. It was a thrill watching her act and literally become Carmen on the stage. Her seduction and playfulness was real, her anger and fear at the end achingly palpable...Happily patrons got to see and hear in the form of Sandra Piques Eddy one of the best acted and sung Carmens this town has ever seen. She is certainly the 'best I have seen' and 'ready for the Met'."

The Classical Music Guide Online

"I knew halfway into Saturday night's first act of the Lyric Opera of Kansas City's new production of Carmen that I would need to break out the thesaurus to find more synonyms for "sexy" because Sandra Piques Eddy, in the title role, was sex personified. As Carmen, Eddy played the role as youthfully impulsive instead of worldly experienced. Her portrayal was especially captivating because it contrasted so strongly with Micaela...Carmen was mercurial, active, profane and sultry...Eddy was also the most natural actress on stage. When she sarcastically agreed with Don Jose that she was a demon, it was delivered more as exasperation in the situation than other productions I have seen, a refreshing change from the traditional portrayal of Carmen as a destroyer of men. Eddy's voice was as riveting as her stunning beauty. Her chest voice, especially on the lowest tones was rich, warm and present...Eddy delivered her lines as if they were dialogue. The embodiment of effortlessness and complete mastery of character, music and drama (and some impressive castanet playing, hip swivels and full body rolls) Hers was the biggest voice on the stage, a commanding presence most notably on "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle", "Je vais danser en votre honneur" and "En vain pour eviter les reponses ameres." ....So go for the wonderful story, gorgeous music and feast for the eyes and ears provided by Sandra Piques Eddy."

K C Metropolis

"Mezzo Soprano Sandra Piques Eddy is a memorable Carmen - a sexy balance of physical elegance and visceral appetites."

Kansas City Star

"...and a captivating , vocally exceptional performance by Sandra in the title role in her Lyric debut, she portrayed Carmen as a young woman prone to youth's capriciousness. Not only did she look the part, but she built tension throughout with startling moments...which always felt driven by a strong knowledge of the character's built-in contradictions."

K C Independent
IDAMANTE in IDOMENEO at Boston Lyric Opera

"Sandra Piques Eddy gave a beautiful performance as Idamante, the unintended victim of Idomeneo's bargain. Her mezzo soprano was rich and warm throughout her range her technique so effortless as to seem imperceptible, and she was equally effective as heartbroken son, romantic hero and finally, chosen ruler."

Opera News

"Sandra Piques Eddy combines a richly colored mezzo soprano and solid acting as the title king's vulnerable son. Eddy commands the Shubert Theater as the plucky Idamante and sings with exciting dynamics."

My South End. com

"The exception is mezzo-soprano Sandra Piques Eddy as Idamante, the prince whose father, Idomeneo, has involuntarily vowed to sacrifice him to Neptune in order to survive a shipwreck on his way home from the Trojan War. Eddy now sings at the Met, but she was already wonderful a decade ago, when as a BU student she stole Mozart's other opera seria, La clemenza di Tito....She 's the one person on stage with true dignity and an inner life. She also has by far, the richest voice. The opening night audience loved her."

The Phoenix

"Fortunately there's sterling work in the cast. As Idamante (A breeches role), the lovely Sandra Piques Eddy struck just the right heroic profile, and what's more, her pure-tone mezzo proved luminously flexible, thanks to her utterly secure technique."

The Hub Review

"BLO had a superb Idamante in Sandra Piques Eddy, a Met Cherubino and Mercedes. She brought flowing, chocolaty tone, moral seriousness and princely ardour to her deceptively difficult role." The

Boston Music Intelligencer

"All the principals (and chorus) were excellent Mozart interpreters, with mezzo Sandra Piques Eddy, singing the trouser role of Idamante, the greater among equals."

The Boston Herald

"Last night, Sandra Piques Eddy as Idamante gave the clear standout performance, delivered with a warm tone, secure technique and well-grounded stage presence."

The Boston Globe

"There were some large efforts among the smaller roles in this production. Sandra Piques Eddy and Elizabeth Caballero, as Carmen’s gypsy cohorts Mercédès and Frasquita, respectively, provided an impressive pair of vocal efforts (as well as a captivating visual presence) during their charming duet in the third act Card Scene, as they beseech the cards to reveal their future lovers and destinies. Eddy and Caballero also forged a powerful vocal presence in the stunning quintet (Nous avons en téte une affaire) during the second act tavern scene, which for me was the singularly most memorable number in this performance."

Musical Criticism

"Carmen’s buddies Frasquita and Mercédès are delightfully sung by Elizabeth Caballero and Sandra Piques Eddy. I sat back and enjoyed their bright, clear voices in every ensemble."

Stamford Advocate

"Vocally deluxe cameos by Sandra Piques-Eddy, Elizabeth Caballero, Keith Jameson and Earle Patriarco rounded out a strong cast."

Gay City News
MERCÉDÈS in CARMEN at the Metropolitan Opera

"As Carmen’s friends Frasquita and Mercédès, Elizabeth Caballero and Sandra Piques Eddy make the most of their minor parts. Eddy with her good looks and firm mezzo, even seems to be ready to take on the role of Carmen herself."


"Giving this massive wattage of star power a run for its money were the performers in three secondary roles: former fullback Keith Miller as Zuniga, Elizabeth Caballero as Frasquita and Sandra Piques-Eddy as Mercédès."

Time Out New York

"…Elizabeth Caballero and Sandra Piques Eddy as Carmen’s friends, Frasquita and Mercedes, assist Garanca in making the Chanson boheme, at the start of Act Two, into a show-stopping production number."
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